Fast check: Beck-Reit zooms ahead with Ferrari shop redo

Beck Reit 10 office with wishbone
Beck-Reit Commercial Real Estate and its affiliated companies recently completed renovations on an Austin auto repair shop in East Austin, creating a cool commons area in the front of the building.

These days everyone wants to own an East Austin commercial building, regardless of style or lack thereof.

It wasn’t all that long ago, maybe a decade, when East Austin wasn’t particularly cool. Some areas seemed off limits. In fact, there are still some pockets of peculiarity, if you venture off the main roads.

DeLea Becker, owner of Beck-Reit Commercial Real Estate, isn’t afraid to scout the back streets. She and her husband Russell Becker, founder of Beck-Reit & Sons contracting, have been investing in East Austin for years.

“My husband says we buy on the edge of scary,” Becker said.

Their latest purchase and remodel is 2131 Theo Drive, a 6,000-square-foot former Ferrari repair shop near Manor Road and Airport Boulevard. (Story continues below photos and project details)

Beck Reit 1 before
Plain Jane industrial building at 2131 Theo Drive.

Project details:

DeLea & Russ Becker
Beck-Reit & Sons + Beck-Reit Commercial Real Estate

Sloan & Peggy Houser
Sloan Montgomery Finishes

General Contractor
Beck-Reit & Sons, Ltd.

Denise Shaw

Sales and Leasing
Beck-Reit Commercial

Wood bar in kitchen and conference room table:
Ambrose Taylor
Owner/Founder Hewn Austin,

All Metal Work
Eastside Fabrication

Beck Reit 2131 Theo improved
New and improved after renovations.

It’s a beauty that’s already attracted several creative class tenants. And perhaps a few unsolicited investor offers.

Both Beck-Reit companies, including an asset management division, are based there, and the accompanying photos document the successful transformation from ugly duckling to snappy swan.

Beck Reit 5 exterior elevation twilight
Here is the refreshed back of the building at twilight. Is there a party going on?
Beck Reit 10 office with wishbone
Beck-Reit’s individual offices are darn cool.
Beck Reit 8 office with name
Another interior view.

Other tenants include Harris Media, Shelf Studio, Magic Architecture and Instapay Flexible LLC.

Though the Beck-Reit entities have invested in a variety of real estate projects across the city, the east side campaign began in 2006 with the purchase and renovation of 1101 E. Sixth St., a creative storefront and residential property. At the time Becker said  she and her husband were lone rangers in the neighborhood. Today there are hundreds of investors and East Austin is the most rapidly changing submarket in the metro area.

“Gentrification has become an evil word, but actually it’s a way to bring buildings up to code,” Becker said. “There have been many dangerous conditions that have now been fixed in East Austin. 1101 was falling down.”

She’s proud to be a part of the change and remains committed to East Austin.

Check for a list of all the company’s projects, including 2707 Rogge Lane, a retail strip center right off Manor Road.

Beck-Reit is in the permitting phase of renovations and hopes to have the  8,000-square-foot retail property refurbished by late 2019. Expect some new restaurant options and the tenant changes.

Beck-Reit is always on the hunt for properties to jazz up and repurpose, but as most local real estate observers know, it’s getting harder and hard in Austin’s red hot economy.

“We have to buy off market. We never buy market value,” Becker said.

Options are scarce. Thankfully, Beck-Reit handles property and project management for third-parties — an aspect of the business Becker particularly enjoys.

“I tell people, ‘I love your building more than you do,’” she said.

Building love is a good thing.

Beck Reit 4 remodeled front
Gotta love the curvy designs surrounding the door. This aloe vera plant looks happy, too.

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