I’m baaaaack. Please read.

Welcome to AustinRealEstateNews.org. After five months of semi-retirement I’m ready to tackle the Austin real estate scene with a little more sass, and hopefully, a lot more savvy.

The rest and retrospection have been good, but I miss writing. Little did I know how much I’d miss writing about real estate in Austin.

There’s a little more to it than buildings and money, though. People — real real estate people — are my muses.  Without y’all, I feel a bit drab and lonely.

So please be my guest on this new blogging expedition.

Sometimes you’ll meet people who have taken an unconventional path within the real estate industry or broken barriers. Other times, my observations of city life are invitations to you to chime in or set me straight.

Real estate in its essence is tangible, so expect to read about sites and sights and yes, maybe even insights. Don’t we all look at a building or a piece of ground and think “What if?” Expect to see many “What if” blogs.

Retail and restaurants will surely make an appearance but with a real estate slant. I’m still fascinated by the associated fields of interior design, hospitality, construction, urban design and government policy.

Personality profiles and advice columns will also be a big deal. Did I mention that people make the real estate world go round?

My short term goal with AustinRealEstateNews.org is to send a weekly email chock full of inspiring stories, tantalizing tidbits and business opportunities hiding between the lines.

For the next couple or three weeks, I’ll have the stories, including new content every few days, posted on the web site. By late July or early August my plan is to have that email loaded up and sent to everyone who wants to be a part of the Austin Real Estate News community.

A special shout-out to Helen Jobes of Capella Commercial,  Ryan Rodenbeck of Spyglass Realty and Investments and Shannon Schmitz with Austin Portfolio Real Estate for supporting me with knowledge, encouragement and financial assistance. Thanks also to a couple of other wonderful folks who prefer to remain anonymous.

If you would like to help me get this off the ground, I welcome donations with open arms. In fact, it’s essential until I can generate a subscription model or secure paid sponsors. Thank you for your consideration of how this blog may benefit your business and the community at large.

Please also feel free to send story ideas and general comments. Here’s my contact info: jrbuchholz@gmail.com, 602-909-4235.

Don’t miss my first three posts:

  • Architect Brett Rhode’s creative impetus for The Independent
  • The secret stretch where Austin Weird is alive and well
  • Why little strip centers in great locations are sexy and smart

Happy reading, all!

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